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Toronto     C A N A D A

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Unitfive Design Inc. custom designs and handcrafts signature lighting, store fixtures, furniture and sophisticated objects for retail, hospitality and private clients worldwide.

The studio was founded in 1996 by Lisa Santana and Kelvin Goddard. Their decades old exploration of metalwork has allowed them to combine traditional techniques with modern manufacturing technologies. Since the companies inception, they have explored the transformative properties of metal in all of its forms and finishes.

Both Lisa and Kelvin have a unique understanding of the creative process from a designers perspective. The studio possesses a rare balance of architectural experience with a comprehensive understanding of production.

Unitfive is capable of managing all stages of the process including design, fabrication, site-specific engineering and final installation.

Unitfive has been featured in notable publications such as The New York Times, Azure Magazine, Architectural Lighting, Designlines, Contract and Interior Design Magazine.  

The studio has worked with première architects, interior designers, corporate clients, retailers, government institutions and private companies around the world. The results bridge the gap between art and design, and have complemented the most exceptional venues worldwide.